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Brought to our attention through their astonishing debut album ‘Kammerspiel’, released on Leeds-based label Gizeh Records, Conquering Animal Sound joined the label back in 2012.  Comprising Anneke Kampman and James Scott, both residents of Glasgow, CAS’ brand of pop (and it is pop, make no mistake) is rendered through a kaleidoscope of clicks, tape hiss, synths and a myriad of micro-electronica to produce something that’s bewitching and entirely immersive.  Anneke’s voice is the most flexible and affecting instrument of all though: harmonised and restless, her layered vocals wax, wane and shipshift in such gloriously inventive waves that for it all to form part of a debut seems almost rude.

Both James and Anneke have their own solo projects that we’d also encourage you to discover: James’ The Japanese War Effort and Anneke’s ANAKANAK.  With their second album ‘On Floating Bodies’ and a further EP (‘Talking Shapes’) under their belt, we can’t wait for their next full length album.

Press Coverage

“On Floating Bodies proves that CAS are making the kind of music that puts them leagues ahead of their peers” The 405

“Consistently engaging, On Floating Bodies is an example of a band channeling influences in commendably creative style” BBC

A record full of daring and with a gloriously rich paletteThe List [4/5]

“[CAS] have earned a reputation for crafting often beguiling songs that encompass rich electronic rhythms and organic percussion but ignore all pop structure conventions.” The Skinny (Talking Shapes EP [4/5])

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