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Chemikal Underground are delighted to announce that De Rosa have reformed and have already begun working on their first recordings since 2009! The album is scheduled to be recorded in a cottage in Scottish highlands in September.

De Rosa were, to put it simply, one of the best bands Chemikal Underground ever worked with. Their two albums, ‘Mend’ (2006) and ‘Prevention’ (2009) should rank, in our opinion, amongst the best Scottish albums of the last fifteen years and in Martin John Henry, we have a songwriter and lyricist of extraordinary talent. De Rosa’s style was defined by their intelligence: the intelligence of their lyrics and, crucially, the intelligent arrangements and musical invention that elevated their albums above many of their peers.

Here is what Martin Henry has to say about the exciting news.

“I think I speak for the five of us when I say that we’re very excited at the prospect of making some new music together. Our lives are all very different since we last worked together, and we are all currently fulfilling other commitments, but early writing and rehearsals will be beginning this spring, with an aim to recording an album throughout the rest of 2012.

This new De Rosa will be seeking out new ways of writing, recording and releasing music. We want to make a break from the past and push the band in new directions for the sake of keeping it fun for us. I hope you will all follow our posts, tweets and (forthcoming) mailing list over what will be an exciting year for us as we head into new, uncharted waters.”

All of us at Chemikal Undergound can’t wait to hear the new material and once again see them play live. We will keep you updated on the progress of the new material.

During the bands hiatus, Martin Henry has released a solo project ‘The Other Half Of Everything’ which came out on Gargleblast Records in October 2011.  You can follow Martin on twitter (right) and continue to support one of our most gifted songwriters.

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