The Unwinding Hours

In February 2010, from the ashes of Aereogramme, The Unwinding Hours emerged: releasing their eponymously titled debut album, in typically unassuming fashion, almost exactly three years to the day Aereogramme released ‘My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go’.  It was, unsurprisingly, brilliant.  Reinvigorated and afforded all the time necessary to create an album they were happy with, Craig B and Iain Cook delivered a collection of songs as emotional, dynamic and intelligent as anything Aereogramme produced at their very best.

Now, they return with their second long player entitled ‘Afterlives’: once again the unhurried product of Craig B and Iain Cook’s painstaking studio work, the record’s gestation period belies the hurtling dynamics within many of its tracks.

Press Coverage

Uplifting and melancholic, muscular and brittleThe Skinny

Afterlives is a new pinnacle in the [Cook and Craig’s] now 14-year songwriting partnership The List

Afterlives slowly unspools and discloses its myriad charms – sometimes forcefully, sometimes deceptively gently – always with the cinematic breadth you’d expect from a duo named after a lingering film about histories, futures, solitude and ghosts (The Shining)The Quietus

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