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Over the years we’ve released some compilation albums of Chemikal material, either as a retail/marketing incentive (Out Of Our Heads On Skelp), an anthology type celebration (CHEM087CD+DVD) or, in the unique case of ‘Ballads of the Book’, as an ambitious creative project in its own right.  ‘Ballads of the Book’ was a project released back in 2007 (God, was it that long ago?) that brought some of Scotland’s finest writers into contact with the great and the good of the indie and folk scenes: the writers supplying the lyrics while the bands put them to music.  It certainly was ambitious, culminating in an all-day event at the much missed Triptych Festival in Glasgow’s Tramway Theatre.

We had another brief foray into the literary world last year when we agree to sell the download version of Cargo Publishing’s ‘The Year Of Open Doors’ on our shop.  You can read more about all of these projects by clicking on the cover art images to the right and, for Ballads of the Book, there’s an impressive (although out of date so archive only) minisite you should check out too…


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