New Album & Tour Dates for Hubby

With four months of an incredibly eventful 2014 still to go, RM Hubbert has only gone and announced another album and string of tour dates before the bells toll on December 31st.

Ampersand Extras (13th October, 2014)
We’re delighted to announce the October-bound arrival of ‘Ampersand Extras‘: an exhaustive accompaniment to RM Hubbert’s trilogy of albums from which it takes its name: ‘First & Last‘, ‘Thirteen Lost & Found‘ and ‘Breaks & Bone‘.  Available on vinyl and digital download it contains all of the material that emerged from those three albums’ recording sessions but were not considered appropriate or complimentary inclusions on the LPs themselves. 

To read the full press release for the album and have its myriad wonders explored far more eloquently than we ever could (thanks to our inestimable scribe Sean Guthrie), please click HERE.

1. PB
2. Song For Jenny (with Alan Bissett)
3. Canine Shaped Frogs
4. Elliot (with Luke Sutherland)
5. Hanging Pointers
6. True Love Will Find You In The End
7. Sticky Pine
8. For Fuck Sake D, Sit Nice
9. Cherry Blossoms (with Esperi)
10. SG 666
11. Mo Vela (with Alasdair Roberts & Emma Pollock)

Hubby’s prodigious touring schedule doesn’t seem to be winding down either as he announces yet another series of shows that will see him take in Ireland and the UK before heading off round the world to play in New Zealand and Australia. 

Spawny bastard.

You can see his dates over on the right or down below…who the hell knows nowadays with all the different gizmos you’re probably reading this on.