RM Hubbert: ‘Breaks & Bone’ 27.09.13

RM Hubbert returns with a new album, radiating the effulgent glow of success after ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’ dropped jaws and raised the roof by (quite justifiably) snaffling this year’s SAY Award. If the technical artistry and emotional warmth which infused that record seemed like a career high, then hold that thought and steal yourself for ‘Breaks & Bone’…

An entirely solo effort this time round, ‘Breaks & Bone’ is notable for the inclusion of Hubby’s vocals on each consecutive song. It’s an album of hair-raising beauty and no little emotional clout in fact, we might as well be the first ones to lavish praise on an album that, in our opinion, is up there with the very best Chemikal Underground has ever released.

The fact that this album is CHEM200 just makes it all the more fitting: a landmark release in every conceivable sense.