Sound of Yell ‘Brocken Spectre’

Stevie Jones – another El Hombre Trajeado alumnus – joins the Chemikal family.

His versatility and fluency across several instruments place him among the most sought-after collaborators in Scottish music, but with his alchemical debut album under the monicker Sound Of Yell Stevie Jones steps out of the wings into centre-stage. Herein lies a series of routes paved with genres with which Jones has a long and fecund history – acoustic psychedelia, folk, jazz, improvisation – yet so sinuous, interwoven and undulating as to leave the listener at liberty to choose their own pace and terminus.

Upcoming live shows06/11/14 – Glasgow – Platform
08/11/14 – London – The Vortex Jazz Club

Have a listen to ‘Caiman’ from ‘Brocken Spectre’.

‘Brocken Spectre’ is available for pre-order here.