The Phantom Band ‘Fears Trending’

Released  – 26th January 2015

If you’ve followed The Phantom Band throughout their career to-date then you’ll know two things of the Glaswegian six-piece: feast often follows famine, and you should never accept them merely at face value.

Just as two wildly singular, diverse albums in ‘Checkmate Savage’ and ‘The Wants’ sprung up one after another between 2009 and 2010, before a period of quiet (solo projects notwithstanding), so the group’s more direct third record, ‘Strange Friend’, – more art-rock than rock-art – comes followed by seven tracks cut largely from the same recording sessions at Chem19, in the form of ‘Fears Trending’.

Have a listen to the opening track, ‘Tender Castle’.

1. Tender Castle
2. Local Zero
3. Denise Hopper
4. Black Tape
5. Spectrelegs
6. The Kingfisher
7. Olden Golden