The Phantom Band UK Tour

“It’s a record without a weak link, that doesn’t outstay its welcome, and
excites you about the possibility of seeing it all played live.” 9/10 Drowned In Sound

Well here’s your chance then… The Phantom Band are back on the road this autumn with a UK tour. Following on from the gigs around the release of their third album ‘Strange Friend’ the band have confirmed an additional ten dates with more to be announced soon.

‘Strange Friend’ has rightfully been enjoying plaudits from far and wide. I think we can let the praise speak for itself. All you need to do now is come along and see them…

“This is the Phantom Band in direct mode, and it suits them… Psychedelic Outdoors Rock? This genre will hike and hike.” 4/5 Mojo

“Strange Friend marks a measured step towards accessibility for one of Britain’s most innovative bands.” 8/10 Uncut

“Strange Friend is a tight, concise and incredibly satisfying listen with the right mixture of familiarity and progression” MUSIC OMH

“The world they inhabit is strange and congenial and often beautiful” Album of the Month, The List

“At its best it’s irresistible” Q

“2009’s ‘Checkmate Savage’ and 2011’s ‘The Wants’ pulled together elements as diverse as Krautrock, campfire sing-songs and pure, pulsing pop. ‘Strange Friend is all this and more.” 8/10 NME