6Music Festival Glasgow

Glasgow are the proud hosts of the fabulous 6Music Festival this year & we can’t wait for it to kick off on the 24th of March. We have a fair few Chemikal Underground artists taking part starting with Emma Pollock opening the Saturday 25th March live broadcast at The Tramway daytime event with a full band set.  Emma will also be appearing on a panel discussion entitled ‘Making Music In Glasgow’ later in the day alongside Stuart Braithwaite, Paul Buchanan and Happy Meals, again in the Tramway. Doors open at 10.30am with the daytime session ending at 17.30, when the festival picks up again in the evening at various venues across the city.

On Sunday the main Chemikal focus falls upon the film ‘Lost In France’ by director Niall McCann. There is a special screening scheduled for the daytime event again at the Tramway, to be immediately followed  by a Q&A with Niall afterwards. In case you haven’t come across it just yet the film documents the rise of the independent music scene in Glasgow in the 1990’s & the founding of Chemikal Underground Records. It features artists including Arab Strap, Bis, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, The Delgados and many other seminal bands involved in the scene back then as well as a few new faces that joined the label further down the line. If you haven’t seen it already and don’t have 6Music Festival tickets head over to the Curzon/Artifical Eye website to rent the film online. It’s well worth a watch.

And it doesn’t end there! Fancy stocking up on some Chemikal vinyl & CD’s? On both Saturday & Sunday at The Tramway a popup Chemikal Underground shop will be in the main reception area along with many other Glasgow labels and record shops. Sounds like the perfect weekend then; music, film, chat & shopping all under the one roof.

If you haven’t got a ticket for any events then all is not lost – you can still tune into 6Music over the duration of the festival for interviews & features with various Chemikal artists.