Adrian Crowley Video & Live Dates

The first single from Adrian Crowley’s new album ‘Dark Eyed Messenger’ has been given a stunning treatment by Irish director Niall McCann who recently delivered the film ‘Lost In France’. The video was filmed on Coney Island in May of this year and Adrian gives us a taste of the experience below:

“I have for many years been enchanted by Coney Island, always making a trip there whenever in New York, heading out by myself on the train to take photographs. Whenever I was there, it always happened to be raining and it was always off-season – with everything shut down.
But not this time. The place was bustling with life and all the rides and amusements in Luna Park were open and in full swing. Pun intended.
Some of what we filmed for the film shoot was set up and acted and some was done in an improvised setting, left open to chance. I won’t break the mystique of this piece by telling you how it was filmed or if all the people in the frame were aware of what was going on. As you can see it was all captured in one continuous shot. Then we called it a wrap and went for a beer. I think Niall had a hot dog.”

Adrian has a couple of dates planned before the end of the year in London & Dublin. The first wave of European dates has just been announced. Expect to see Adrian in Belgium, France & Holland. There will be dates in other countries being announced soon so we will be sure to keep you updated.