Human Don’t Be Angry – 23rd April

The Human Don’t Be Angry album is complete, the artwork finalised and we’re helping you dip your toe in the HDBA water with this free download from the album, the title track no less: H.D.B.A. Theme.

Malcolm Middleton’s new solo guise, Human Don’t Be Angry, finds him plowing a more ambient, largely instrumental furrow. Recorded and produced by Paul Savage at Chem19 Studios, the album, by Malcolm’s own admission, did not turn out exactly as he had planned, evolving instead into an irresistibly melodic collision of electronica, live drums, guitars and drum machines. 

1. The Missing Plutonium
2. H.D.B.A Theme
3. First Person Singular, Present Tense
4. After the Pleasuredome
5. Monologue: River
6. Jaded
7. 1985
8. Asklipiio
9. Getting Better (At Feeling Like Shit)

‘HDBA is a facade, a front so I can have fun again musically,’ says Middleton, who describes himself as having felt bored and restricted by what he jokingly refers to as the ‘heart-on-sleeve complaining’ of his solo work. ‘I thought I’d go back to what I enjoy,’ he says, ‘which is playing guitar and writing melodies.’

The album will be released on April 23rd with a digital download single, The Missing Plutonium available a few weeks prior.