Miaoux Miaoux ‘Autopilot’ EP

Chemikal Underground makes its first foray into ‘white label’ territory with the release of Miaoux Miaoux’s rather splendid ‘Autopilot’ EP.  The white label 12″ will be limited to 300 copies and will feature the the track ‘Autopilot’ from the critically acclaimed album ‘Light of the North‘ alongside three remixes by Auntie Flo & Esa, Tom Furse (from Horrors) & Echo Park.

The physical distribution is being taken care of by Glasgow institution Rubadub and is being released on the 15th of October.  Chemikal Underground will distribute the digital version through our usual outlets P.I.A.S and IRIS for North America.  The digital version will be available from the 15th of October with an additional remix by Discopolis.  The full tracklist of the EP is below.

1.Autopilot (Original Mix)
2. Hey Sound (Auntie Flo & Esa Remix)
3. Stop The Clock (Tom Furse Remix)
4. Autopilot (Echo Park Remix)
5. Better For Now (Discopolis Remix) (Digital Only)