Rick Redbeard’s “No Selfish Heart” – 28th Jan

In the land of the long-nurtured solo album, ‘No Selfish Heart’ has regal characteristics.  With material on there that dates as far back as 2004, Rick Redbeard’s debut has had a more leisurely gestation period than most.  “Who the hell is Rick Redbeard” you say?  Well, he’s only that guy out of The Phantom Band: the singer guy.

Our first album of 2013 and the proud owner of the CHEM190 catalogue number, ‘No Selfish Heart’ is a thing of stark, poignant beauty.  Already recognised as such by the achingly well-informed folks at MOJO (4/5 don’t you know), for more information just hop on over to Rick’s artist page by clicking here or pre-order it here.