FREE ‘Secret Hits’ Chemikal Sampler

When we decided to have a bit of a marketing push across our digital catalogue, it was felt that a free, twenty track sampler of our ‘wares’ on Amazon would be just what the doctor ordered, showing everyone how fucking magic we are.  Well, that was all Jim Dandy until we realised the campaign was UK-wide only and therefore rendered those outside the country ineligible…

“Not me, Jose!” we declared emphatically, bundling up the twenty tracks as soon as the campaign drew to a close so we could stick it here for all and sundry to marvel at our, erm…marvellousness.

‘Secret Hits’:  Tracklisting

01. The Phantom Band  “Folk Song Oblivion”
02. Loch Lomond  “Elephants & Little Girls”
03. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat  “The Copper Top”
04. Lord Cut-Glass  “You Know”
05. Roky Erickson  “Goodbye Sweet Dreams”
06. Human Don’t Be Angry  “1985”
07. RM Hubbert  “For Joe”
08. Holy Mountain  “Gunner”
09. Arab Strap  “The Shy Retirer”
10. Emma Pollock  “Red Orange Green”
11. Adrian Crowley  “Season Of The Sparks”
12. Mogwai  “Mogwai Fear Satan”
13. King’s Daughters & Sons  “The Anniversary”
14. Miaoux Miaoux  “Stop The Clocks”
15. Zoey Van Goey  “We Don’t Have That Kind Of Bread”
16. Malcolm Middleton  “Loneliness Shines”
17. FOUND  “Machine Age Dancing”
18. The Unwinding Hours  “Knut”
19. The Delgados  “I Fought The Angels”
20. De Rosa  “Nocturne For An Absentee”

All MP3s are tagged with cover art and are 320kbps.  The total file size is 246MB (approx).

ENJOY…but don’t be a complete tight arse and stick your hands in your pockets every once in a while, won’t you?

Thank you most kindly.