We’re over the moon to announce that we will be releasing the third album from Broken Chanter (aka David MacGregor) on 5th April 2024, available on transparent vinyl, CD and download. The album, ‘Chorus Of Doubt’ is his best yet showcasing 11 tracks of trademark infectious melody, addictive rhythm and undying propulsion.  The energy and empathy bristles throughout as MacGregor flexes his lyrical muscle – his words fuelled by a burning desire to resist an encroaching, global tide of misery, informed by a wide-eyed sense of solidarity and truth.

MacGregor is joined by frequent collaborators Charlotte Printer (bass), Bart Owl (guitar) and Martin Johnston (drums). Together they have created an incredibly ambitious sound, in turns chunky and elastic and imbued with a sense of urgency, a sense that there is no time to waste. It could be said that this album is a love letter to never giving up, a personal road map out of collective lethargy.

In Broken Chanter’s universe the personal is blown up into the political, small acts of care or resistance multiply into massive events. With a much more muscular production than previous Broken Chanter work, produced by Paul Savage and with a band clearly on fire, the messaging is developed with fervour, passion billowing out of the speakers, played out in everything from the raw drumming to the rousing gang vocals on the choruses.

Pre order the album now.